Lürzer`s International Archive nr 4-2016.

W każdym numerze znajdują się wywiady z twórcami najlepszych reklam oraz kalendarium zbliżających się branżowych wydarzeń.
Kampanie reklamowe pogrupowane są według kategorii produktowych.
Publikacja w języku angielskim. Vol. 4/2016
Some of you might be a little surprised to find in our latest issue print campaigns that were awarded at the Cannes Lions festival, which, by the time you read this, will have ended more than two months ago. This is mainly due to the fact that, at the time of the deadline for the previous issue, most of this work had not yet even seen the light of day. Some of it had been submitted to us for inclusion in Vol. 3, the issue that came out prior to the festival. Other campaigns were, apparently, completed just in time to be judged at Cannes. I leave you to draw your own conclusions from that. I don’t want to harp once more on about the subject of advertising specifically created to win awards since we at Archive don’t, at the end of the day, really care under what circumstances great ideas pop out and are turned into ads. Not unlike haute couture in the realm of fashion, the work featured in the pages of this magazine is always meant to show you possibilities, and to be a source of inspiration to feed your own creativity.

In the Print section of this issue, you will find a total of 110 campaigns, 22 of them from Brazil, once again demonstrating the enormous output of great print work from this country. Aptly, the cover of this issue is taken from one of those campaigns. It's from DM9DDB, Sao Paulo and part of a campaign for a taxi app. The second-ranking country for this issue is the US, clocking in at just half that number, i.e. 11. In third place is Chile with 8 print campaigns, which is indeed a quite remarkable achievement. As for the Film section, which features 63 campaigns in all, the US once again leads the field with 17 campaigns, followed by the UK with 8 and Germany with 7. 154 strony, okładka miękka
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